When does Charlie & Clow/The Case of the Wendigo update?

Once a week on Wednesdays.

Why is “The Case of the Wendigo” on Charlie & Clow?

The Case of the Wendigo is the final chapter of Charlie & Clow’s story. The first chapter is available to read online or in book form. The second chapter, The Bonus Arc, is only available in book form.

I never knew black punk girls were a thing!

Be sure to check out Punx of Color and learn the ways of truth, yo.

How do you make this comic?

For Chapter 1, I actually drew the pages in thumbnail/stick-figure format before I drew the final pages. For all future chapters, though, I’m writing them out in script form before I draw them.

When I drew Chapter 1, I draw the comics on Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper with my mechanical pencil and Prismacolor fine line marker pens. Then I scan in the work and color and letter the page in Adobe PhotoShop CS2.

For The Case of the Wendigo, I’m drawing the comics on Strathmore smooth Bristol with mechanical pencil, the Pentel Sign Pen, and a Plumchester 1.5 pen (more info here). Colors are done with a combination of Copic Markers and Manga Studio, and lettering is done in Manga Studio.